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Leave your prayer request in the comments below and pray one for another. The peace of the Lord !

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16)

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  1. Hello,
    Am a passed out student looking for admission this year
    I want you all to pray for me that I should my admission letter this year.
    Thank you.

    1. He is a God mercy and a God of love.when we come to Him with a humble heart and spirit He is faithful and just to forgive us.Know that everyone is praying for you. God bless!

  2. Please pray for me and my family I have a child with dwarfism both children have autism I’m a single parent I was in an abusive relationship with her father he left us for years ago my sister has mental illness she’s on medication just pray that she stays on it my mother is doing everything alone not working in her 70s she just lost her house insurance and there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be fixed on the house I live on my own with my children but I pray and I ask that you pray that we keep our heads above water that I find a better-paying job that my kids continue to get the services they need and that God being the ultimate healer completely heals them from the top of their head to the soles of their feet and that he keeps me always healthy I can live a long-lasting life and be here to watch my children grow up and that a good man comes into our life and helps me with my children and helps me raise a beautiful family thank you for your prayers

    1. May the Lord Jesus fill you with great strength like you have never known. May He give you the strength to find true peace and great joy in every moment of your reality. In Jesus name i pray. Amen

  3. Hi guys pls pray for my family for a good health and a safe living and pls pray for my sister because her friends are not good influence to her i hope she change for her son sake..And pls pray for my 2 brother to get a wonderful job and my 2 sisters to be safe because of their work and lastly pls pray for me that lord god may guide into my senior high school year and for my parents and my 2 younger brother too pls pray for us thank you…

  4. Please pray for me to find my way back to Christ, regain my first love for Christ when I just accepted Him, also pray for me for divine protection and good health in my life and family. God bless you all

      1. God is releasing angles of connection to where u have submitted your CV now,and that job of ur desire will be granted to you now in Jesus name Amen

    1. I pray for you this day that the appetite to pray and to seek God in humility be released upon you now. It is well with you. The wisdom of the most high God is coming upon you now. So that you will be a light to all around you and to notp generation. In Jesus mighty name i pray . Amen.

      Please pray for me that as i take this next big step in my life journey that the Lord will fill me with great wisdom. That the protection and divine provision of God will never depart from our household.

  5. Help me pray for financial brake through.and a successful future in wealth happines longlife good health . Help me pray that God should bless me so that I can bless other and again what to pray to God that he should allow me to travel out these yar want to live a bbetter life in abroad amen

  6. Happy Sabbath saints
    I need prayers my love life is not good at all for a Christian. Please pray for me that God guides me in people I associate with.

  7. Hello.. I need your prayers n help from our father I have lost my way.. I can’t even see a way back to Christ anymore. Please pray for me to stand again to carry on preaching the gospel. I need His grace. I need God’s presence gain. Please pray for me.

  8. Please brethren help me with prayers for my life, my children and my husband against sickness and oppression of any form. Pray that the Devil will not succeed over my family. God bless you all.

    1. you evil spirit causing trouble and sicknesses to this family i command you to get out now in the name of Jesus Christ our King and Saviou amen.

  9. Please God our Lord Jesus Greetings I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and I am graced to know you today please send your blessings to this new mostly Hispanic/Mexican community you have brought me to. And thank you to the Angels, The Mother, The Sister, And your Apostilles. And the seed All in your name Amen.

  10. Please pray for each and every one of us and for WHAT we all consider sacred in our lives…..And never, ever, forget to thank and acknowledge who protects and provides for you despite you weaknesses and tendencies to day by day disappoint him….Our Lord, our ALLMIGHTY FATHER!

  11. May the Lord remove the voices my cousin is hearing and addiction hes battling.And close all doors not open to him.And for my husband and children have stregnth and guide us to walk with tbe lord.And to cure any sickness my mother has in jesus name we pray amen

    1. Oh Lord I declare and decree in the name of Jesus, for ever spirit of addiction, oppression and sickness to flee in the name of Jesus. Now you believe my sister

  12. Hi please pray for my mum and grandma for good health. Please pray for me for God’s direction career wise and for His direction in marriage. For the spirit of discernment to know who is right for me

  13. Hello, I would like prayers for my family and my children. My youngest daughter Ashley will be graduating from high school in May. I pray she makes the best decision on her future. The friends she has is bad news and I’m praying she doesn’t follow them so please pray for her safety and Lord please put in her heart to make the best decision for her life. Thank you Amen

    1. Yes Lord Jesus you hear the cries of this mother…please Lord give her Mind like yours and to follow you! May you open her spiritual eyes and ears, give her wisdom and knowledge, and a spirit of discernment!! In the most holy and righteous name of Jesus Amen!!!! Praise You heavenly Father!! Praise You!!

  14. I pray that God soon releases me from the voices in my head and my stalkers. I pray for God’s blessings and a good life with love and children.

  15. Hi plz pray for my marriage my children my family .i need a house I open de company is not doing well.dey blacklisted me MSA I can’t do anything de closing my account and I’m still paying it special home Choice Finchoice her credit card jet store card Woolworths arckermans exact captain loan I can’t do husband he’s cheating me drinking sleeping out come back after 2day my children dey did listen to me my sister she mad I can’t earn money I’m working getting small prophet but I cant see i saw in my dreams I need spiritual healing against my prophesies plz help mother in law she hates me and my sister in law.plz pray for dis child xolani ngubeni they said is my husband child pray for him is it true or false God plz keep us for dis mess travel it’s make me sick I’m tired about de people ho wanted to control us in my marriage plz give power.plz pray for dis child “WHO IS XOLANE NGUBENI”?WHOSE DE FATHER FOR DIS CHILD THANK U MY GOD BLESS U

    1. Please pray for me.everything is dark for my side I trying to play lotto dark I want to buy a house blacklisted applying for home loan blacklised.
      I’m married my enemy’s following me.plz pray for my spirit my lucky.i need a power and strength love my God my family including my husband.please open de doors for me.i need help to make my business to grow God bless u

    2. Lord We cry out to You!! Marriage is for life!! You created marriage!! As it says in your word …when man leaves his mother and father and is united with his wife they become one so let nothing seperate what you God have joined together!! We pray for this husbands salvation and to restore and reignite ressurected this marriage In the most powerful name of Jesus I pray!! Amen!! For You Lord God to get all the glory!! Praise Your Holy Holy Holy Name!!

  16. Heavenly Father, I feel the need for both healing and comfort for my family. My home has been divided by demons and by Satin himself.

    1. In the victorious powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ, heavenly Father, i trust You Father God that no matter what the demons the devil try to confuse this family, the demons & the devil are loose already. Because our Lord Jesus Christ risen from the dead… Amen!

    2. hi Roslyn I John 4:4 is an effective prayer for cast outing all works of evil because God is greater and powerful than anyone else.
      God bless us all.

  17. Hello, everybody, please i want you all to help me pray for my dear son, that Almighty God the God of perfection and restoration, according to the book of joel 2:25, that Him alone should intervene in the life of my dear son brain, sight, waist hand, and legs, he was diagnosed of cancer of the brain, was operated, after that he had an inflammation of the brain, which complicated a lot of things in his life, this happened when he was in primary 2, and now his mate are in class 2 to 3 in secondary school, l trust in Almighty God our maker, with Him all things are possible, may Almighty God bles and reward you as you show concern and may His Mercy and Grace be upon us all in JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN, Remain Blessed all SHALOM

      1. God hears everyone’s prayers even when you don’t know how to say it but he understands more than we can imagine. I pray that God answers quick and as requested

    1. Yes He is the great healer!! By your stripes this child is healed In Jesus name we pray it and ask it and now we believe and recieve it!!Amen!!! Halliujah to the lamb of God!! All Thanks and Glory to God!! Praise His Name!! Now and forever!!

    2. God is our healer.have faith and claim the divine healing of your son in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord.we’re praying for you and everyone.God bless us all.

  18. I would like kindly request you please pray for ministry su and my family every family must read and pray thanks David athisayam Goa india 29.03.2018

    1. Please beloved brethren help me with prayers for God’s intervention in my love-life, work-life, family-life, financial crises and most of all my weakness in prayer and please pray also for my parents. I love you and God bless you all

  19. I pray for my son’s father that God opens his eyes and his hearts and pours out his salvation upon him that God delivers them from bipolar confusion anger and everything that is not of God may God open his heart in his eyes and show him the value of family teach him how to be a good father to his son and a good husband may God soften his heart towards me and my son and may he come back into our family may God restore our family to be one and God’s name I pray for my family to be restored thank you Jesus for all of your blessings glory be to your name

  20. My prayer request is that I get deeper in GOD and that HIS Words will live And speak try through me. I pray for lost souls to find the TRUTH which is JESUS CHRIST and that GODs Will be done in my life

  21. I am trusting God for greatness in my career and even my wife that God should establish her as she had tried many businesses but always fail… I need God intervention to speak to us and show us the way to prosperity.. Because it is he who give the power to get wealth

  22. please pray for my daughter Genesis to be physically heal and cure from all disease. May all her cells works properly in order to fight all sickness trying to destroy her.

  23. Please pray for me and my husband and the return of my daughter bc of my past decisions I am fighting for my child and need the strength to fight through pray ND though God ND not thru hateful and hurtful words

    1. Father God in the BLESSED name of Jesus I send now this prayer up for my dear sister in Christ ( Sis Jane Cox) and her husband, that Lord you have watchful eyes and you are ever where(Omnipresent) so Lord please see to it that there daughter returns home safe, without any hurt, or harm. Please give my dear sister and het husband the strength they need to overcome any and every obstacle that they are facing, and may face, for they are More than a Conquer in Jesus Christ name I pray decree and declare this prayer is answered. Amen.

    2. May God bring her back home but don’t forget to believe in the supernatural acts of our Lord, use your faith to thank God even though
      you aren’t seeing anything. He’s been working behind the scenes. Don’t forget to ask to the Holy Spirit which mistakes you have to fix in your behavior, sometimes blessing don’t come to us because we aren’t doing our roles well. God bless you.

  24. Hi, I’m in need of your prayers, pray for my relationship of five years. We never had problems with each other only distractions by other women. Pray that God will remove these people from distracting our relationship, our love, respect for one another and desire to remain together. Pray that Jesus will strengthen him to not give up on us, to not be blinded and decieved by their schemes, or by these false minded and gready women. I love him so much, my children loves him as well and he loves me and them too. Please pray to Jesus Christ that we remain together inspite of and regardless of their plots, through thick and thin and become one through marriage!

    1. Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
      Matthew 19:6 KJV
      Dear Lord I pray this prayer for this couple, that whatever the ememy wants to do, that your Love drive away any evil intention. In Jesus name.

    2. Felicia go fasting and start saying he is a new man in the name of our lord Jesus. Words are powerful.
      When we read Genesis1:3
      God taught us to speak light to the darknest

  25. I would love to praise god. Today markes 3 years i have been free from my abusive ex. He saved me. And i pray for anyone who is going through a rough patch and i pray that god is with you in every step you take. God has blessed me with a loving husband who has been by my side and we have now one beautiful little girl and one hadsome little guy. We are working working on getting two of our children from a different relationship. I pray that god is with you every step you take and blesses you. God bless everyone

    1. 5i pray that you have a safe an peaceful future , please pray for me and my 22 yr old pregnant daughter ,she is in a volatile abusive relationship , she has been beaten , the guy grabbed the wheel of the car an pulled them into head on traffic trying to kill them both an she’s 6 months pregnant an having kidney failure , please pray for her and the baby an that she come to her senses an leave the abuser an co.e home to me …. also I need prayer for a friend who’s name is will, he’s addicted to heroin , also his brother Andrew , please pray they come togeather an Believe in the Lord, an my family come togeather and live in harmony an peace , for good future…

  26. Dear lord i come to you this morning please lord help me to get a job lord please help me to get back this money to give my mom lord cover me with the blood of jesus lord and protect me in jesus name Amen

  27. I pray for renewal of my faith and to be closer to God in my daily life. I have not been in the word enough and not been in prayer very often. I used to pray constantly. Being disconnected from Good, I have allowed ideas, thoughts and words that a believer cannot entertain to enter my life.

    I also pray for my loved ones to come to faith.

    1. Sal the better way to be closer to our Lord is through praying and fasting. Ask yourself if you’re spending too much time on internet, I was feeling like you and then I decided to disactivate my facebook account and got down my knees starting to fast & pray more. God has been giving me many blessings, I’m not anxious anymore and my dreams have come true…do it, it’s amazing how our lord is a trustful God ( :

  28. Please pray for my daughter. She is not getting treated fairly by her father. Im trying to get her back into my home where she will be loved and know the lord. Please pray for my son. He has weak muscles on the right side of his neck and has been a fighter ever since he was born. He is 6 months old i pray his neck wont be at a 30° tilt and be straight.

    1. I pray that God would heal your precious son; completely, supernaturally and so thoroughly that his doctors are baffled. I pray for your daughter’s protection at her father’s home and everywhere else. May she return to your home soon.

      1. Sal the better way to be closer to our Lord is through praying and fasting. Ask yourself if you’re spending too much time on internet, I was feeling like you and then I decided to disactivate my facebook account and got down my knees starting to fast & pray more. God has been giving me many blessings, I’m not anxious anymore and my dreams have come true…do it, it’s amazing how our lord is a trustful God ( :

  29. Lord I pray that you continue to guide and protect me and my family from all harm and evil I ask that you forgive us for our sins and forgive those who don’t understand i thank you for the love and support you have showed to me and my family thoughout this lifetime whoever is reading this lord I ask that you bless there mind body and soul and help them to be successful in life. PLEASE I ask that you pray for me and my family to stay together i ask that you heal my mother of her sickness. Please pray for me to become a better person in life❤

  30. Please pray for my family to come back together and my grandbaby my money to over see what I needed all my bill paid in full. And my. Daughter get in school and her and I get godly men to be our husbands

  31. Praying for closer relationship with GOD, and for Spiritual growth especially as it relates to reading, knowing and understanding the word of GOD and the Bible.

  32. Please pray for me, struggling with smoking, drinking, lust in my heart, that leads to fornacation. I love the Lord, and want to live a Godly life. But the battle in my mind is taking it toll on me. Please pray my strength. God bless.

  33. Pls asking for prayer spiritually financial and good health we really need prayer financially and also for my 5 kids and good work for me may our Lord God Jesus cover my family his grace and blood.

  34. Im not much of a christain to be honest i belive in jesus christ i know he died for our sins and i know my way to salvation. My dad was a pastor a babtist pastor at that long story short he back slid ended up on drugs ultimately it took his life he was murdered over drugs and a hooker. Guess thats when my life started going down hill that was when i was 9 finally picked the peices of my childhood back up not that there was much left after that started getting high drinking well im sure yall know that story its a very common destructive road. Any way when i was 17 i got with a alcoholic by the time i was 22 we had 3 children togather my mom died also when i was 22 i was left with nothing but my kids and him in 2016 the state steped in and removed my children for domestic violence i have prayed it seems like every night for my kids to come home im still fighting dcs they want to terminate my parental rights honestly i use to belive that prayers can move mountains but here latly im losing my faith anybody got any advise and please keep me and my children in your prayers my kids: cheyenne 7, collin 4, and alexa 4 need your prayers please pray for my kids return

    1. Hello! What can I say for you? Sometimes in life people go through hard moments because after that God will give victory. Everything wrong you did in your life was for you to learn. I’m gonna pray for your children, but you also need to pray, don’t lose your faith, keep praying, as you said, prayer can move mountains and prayer can bring your children back to you!

    2. Martha- I lift you up in my prayers. I will stand in the gap for and with you. I believe in you, and I believe you are a very strong God fearing woman. I pray that you are able to stand on your own two feet and do what you need to do to prove to DCS that nothing and nobody will stand in the way of your children being with you. I pray that the Lord shows you the way and guides you to the lighten path for you and your babies to receive a fresh start. You must believe in God through all the great and the not so good times. Stay strong and DO NOT give up. I pray you learn from your past to brighten your future. In Jesus Precious Holy name, Amen.

    3. It is well with you. It is well with all that concerns you. The peace, joy, direction, guidance, wisdom of the Lord Jesus Christ is your strength.

  35. I stand on the Word of the Lord and believe without a doubt in His Son Jesus Christ. Today my prayer is that my son is protected by the blood of Jesus Christ. Help him Lord to be the young man you created him to be. Help him become independent, loving, caring, greatful, thankful, and giving. Help him to love the Lord and himself.Lord I know you answer prayers and I pray that my son’s soul will be saved. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name Amen.

  36. I need a major breakthrough in my career of 12 yrs and financial restoration in my 32 yr career as a makeup artist. I pray. I am born again almost 12 yrs. I am 59 and single. I owe a lot of debt due to months of no income, but I feel God turning it around…slowly.
    Praying for more favor in life.
    Grateful for life. I am happy, but I need to make more money. I am self employed. Tough times.

  37. Good morning my name is jamal and i believe strongly in GOD i no that JESUS died for me somebody pray for me and my family my wife and my four children pray for us to make a way for us to own our own home pray God bless our home i pray the Lord provide away for better in our life in Jesus name i pray amen

    1. I give graciously and humbly thank and pray for my noble outcome in Jesus Christ’s name for GOD. Praying. In need of thoughtful mindful knowledge, expertise and strength of the mind body, and soul flesh amongst flesh and skin upon skin for player’s blessing to nurture all of her thoughts and please this innocent heart that mindful decisions come to pass to be completely correct at that sacred time of experience which a high passing grade for this lonesome clean soul will bring through thoroughly, please. End.Prayer.

  38. Hello I been suffering from depression I’m a mom of 5 children and I sometimes feel like giving up My life is not where I would like it to be and every man I thought that loved me actually didn’t I just need a prayer for strength and guidance I really need a restoration for my heart because I’m completely broken thank u ??

    1. PS. 34…. He delivers the rightous from all troubles and affliction. Speak this scripture at least three times a day like medicine. ( Pr. 4:20-23, ). God has great plans for your life. You R the greatest teacher to your children need you, He has great plans for your children and they need you. I ask God’s love and truth over come you like a tidel wave and change your heart and mind and life forever. Your job get you off you mind, Will restore your life and your heart and family. The greatest, Man of All time Loves You….God Jesus ?

    2. Dear Quanneisha:

      Breaking the broken. Great start by acknowledging your feelings! Yes, it heart-wrenching & painful when deceit enters our realm, but lets remember who comes to steal, kill &,destroy: satan. He will use anyone/anything to complete his mission. WE must stay in the word, speak the word & live the word. I know GOD has a great future for you and your blessed five children.

      An angelintraining,

    3. Quanneisha, depend on God!! If you put your trust in Him, He will most certainly help you through this. In Deuteronomy 31:8, saying, ” The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,” the Lord is telling you NOT to give up, and that He will always be there for you. Just don’t worry He knows everything that goes on in your life and He has a plan. As far as the men, God will send the one for you, and you’ll know by the Holy Spirit that he is the one for you!!

    4. God’s gonna do a mighty work in your life. Your tears are in front of Him. You are like a diamond in His hands.
      God bless. He loves you. Quanneisha Baskerville

  39. hello… I want prayer for my Licensure Examination for Tearcher this coming March 25 2018… i have faith if this profession for me he will let me passed the exam for 4th time around and he will lead me to the top…..amen

  40. I would like prayer for myself and my family that this directly affects. I am currently being harrassed and stalked by a group of individuals who simply will not leave me alone, they have threatened me, my children, and my family almost on a daily basis i asked them why they are they doing this to me they replied because I was born. They also told me that they are devil worshippers and yell at me that God is not real and or he cant hear me. They also said I have the mark of the beast. Please help me with all of your prayers I have faith in God that he will put a stop to this or give me the wisdom to find out how to put a stop to this relentless amount of harrassment that has forever ruined my life.

    1. Praying for you, yet the promise of the KINGDOM IS IN FRONT OF YOU. GOD has great plans for you and your family and the devil knows it.
      Walk in the spirit of LOVE and remove all fear from your heart!
      Continue to remain calm and read your bible daily. This storm will break and you will be trained for the next one!

      Warriors for the Kingdom

    2. In the name of Jesus I cover you and your family with the blood of Jesus and I declare that no weapons form against you and your family will not prosper. I pray that God will guide and protect you and you family Alistair Moss. Have faith and trust that God is working everything out this very moment. Be blessed

    3. You no need to worry Alisha moss, our god is living god. He said that , be ye still, i will fight for u. For he ia fighting for u one day he will slew all your enemies. No people could stand before the people of god…… jus kneel down and surrender Your enemies unto his feel and jus say victory in the blood of jesus…. i will keep you in my prayers.

      Praise the lord
      Timothy from India(+917639341154)

    4. U know Alisha moss, God has created each and every thing either in this universe or in the heavens. He created all of the heavenly creatures including Lucifer too.. but due to his Pride he fell and turned into evil. And so he’s trying to torment the most lovable and dearest creation of God i.e u to take u away from God. But u know what the good news is? As God made the whole universe and Lucifer too, so the greatest and mightiest power is of the Lords of Lord. Father God, the christ and the holy spirit. And u r his child. So mock the devil saying,” what a weak person u r and how strong am i, beacuse the one who has created you is with me. So no one can stand against me.”
      God loves you.

  41. I would like to grow more spiritually with the lord. But, I feel like I’m slowly developing a relationship with him. I want to learn more about him, but I don’t know where to start. And when I do feel like I start, I’m back to square one. I just want to put my relationship with God first and not to fall for temptations.

    1. Ask god to have Holy Spirit to guide and transform you it’s never quick it’s a process. Tell him to take a away what you want taken away any sinful ways any addictions.

  42. Please pray for me and my husband he treats me like a child. I can’t communicate with him unless there is an argument so I don’t say anything. When I don’t like something he say I am grown. I say what I want to say.

    1. I pray that God cover his ears, mind, heart in the blood of Jesus. And that He read the word more so He will have the amour of God to with stand the fight. I pray that He realize that God never leave us no matter what. God bless.

  43. I pray that God heals my marriage my husband and I have been together almost ten years and married almost two years and the trying to apart.please pray for us.

  44. For my husband and i to speak the same language.

    To live together under one roof in Canada.

    For his soul salvation.

    For my husband to love his bride like how God loves His.

    Lord allow me to be patient gentle kind and forgiving. Slow to wrath.

    For our family to be reunited.

    For anewness in our spiritual life.

  45. Hi prayer warriors

    My prayer request is for my marriage family finances and spiritual life.

    For my husband and i to live together under one roof and be spiritually inclined and one.

    To consult God with our bills spending etc.

    Our family to grow in Gods grace and for multiplication.

    For my whole house to serve the Lord.

    Thank you all for taling the time to approach the throne of grace on my behalf.


    1. Lord you are the author and finisher of our race. We thank you for this day.
      As we go about the day may we put in the full armour and stand firm in you.

      Issac is seeking your marvellous right hand to move in his life.
      Fail not to grant unto him his hearts desire.

      Hallelujah and thank you Father for listening and answering prayers even before we have asked. Amen!

  46. I’m in need of prayers this year has been tough for me and my family it seems like it’s one thing after another. Holidays are here but I can’t even make my kids a good time for the holidays i have to choose between rent utilities or food lately, having to penny pinch is the worst when you have children who expect you to make things great.

    1. Father your daughter Trudy is calling on you Lord. May her faith in you strengthen.. May she look to the hills from whence cometh her help. Lord, you are the good shepherd. May Trudy and her family lack nothing. Cover her home and finances Lord. It is our prayer that this upcoming holiday Trudy will have an abundance of food gifts peace of mind for her bills. When all is said and done, when her and her family stand and see your salvation; they will declare that you are Lord and King. Hallelujah and Amen.

  47. I would like to pray for my uncle who I recently lost from leukemia cancer his name is Donald Grant he meant the world to me I was shocked I was hopeless when I lost him because I left I lost my mother’s mother she died of cancer it just seems like people are getting further and further away from me and I’m not close enough to them I mean far distance I know it’s my time to go home and be with them so if you could say a prayer for him so the grant that didn’t pass Donald Grant ad Grant Susan Dorothy Sanford Henry Sanford Dorothy Grant just a little prayer will be beautiful I wasn’t able to go see them when they pass I know Ivy lighting the candles saying and prayers for the family that has passed away for me I’m trying to hold my head up

  48. Hi everyone, as I tand together with you in prayer I ask that you pray for my family especially my 6yr old son. As little as he is he have an anger problem and it gets him into trouble. At times I see that he tries to control it but it don’t always work.So please keep him and the rest of my family in prayer.
    Thank you.

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